Welcome to my home, take a seat.
Coffee? Tea? Ah, just help yourself.

Lets give you a quick info: I’m a copywriter by craft, a creative by brain and a strategist by education. You can hire me as a Freelance Senior Creative or Creative Director – or just get Tom in. If you need me in a team, no problem. I know some great Art Directors to bring to the show.
My work life has been full of cars, chocolate, crisps, banks, alcohol, cigarettes and betting. Hey, before you think bad of me, I also worked a lot in home decoration.

I’d like you to see my work here – just check the menu on the upper right, on cargocollective or behance. You can find my Vita on linkedin and sure, you can just drop a mail right now. I’m looking forward to get to know you.

Here’s a picture of me – honestly not as cute as a kitty would be:

My face.(That’s me, thinking of your brief.)